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Spondooly is a premiere seat filling company based in Las Vegas that provides exceptional service to accommodate our promoters and venues. Our members enjoy access to shows in multiple states with their membership.


Spondooly Seats is an Entertainment promoter and venue’s best source for filling shows and events. This service is private and at no charge to promoters and venues to let Spondooly offer complimentary seats to our members whenever you need.


Use Spondooly any time you have unused tickets to shows or events. Let us know in advance (about a week or so) when you have seats that need to be filled. We will also accommodate last minute tickets (24-48 hours prior) but the more advance notice, the better the results.


Currently, we offer ticket access to shows and events in Las Vegas, New York, and we are still adding and growing. Let us know if you have additional venue locations so that we can advertise to our members.


It’s always more fun to attend a full event. But what to do when you still have tickets leftover? Use Spondooly Seats to fill your seats and encourage performers to deliver amazing shows to a full audience.


Sign up as a Venue and fill out the registration form.

Provide information on the show/event along with the number of seats/tickets offered.

Then click register

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Spondooly guidelines

  1. A) Tickets are 100% free to our members
  2. B) No fees (i.e. ticket printing/convenience fees) may be charged to our members
  3. C) Ticket value is required
  4. D) Free tickets may not be offered to the general public

Spondooly Seats promotes the shows/events to our private members-only website

Members will reserve the event/show of their choice by making an online reservation.

A will call list will be issued at the reservation deadline date and time of your choice (we recommend at least 3 hours in advance of show time) and emailed directly to the venue.