Your Best Source for Access to Entertainment Venues and Shows in your Area

Looking for new entertainment options to spend your time off?

Then Spondooly Seats is right up your alley. We are a seat filler program. In other words, our services are what event organizers and promoters go to, you guessed it, fill the seats.

Members get in for FREE!


Spondooly Seats is your best source for tickets to a range of entertainment options that you usually miss out on until your buddies start raving about it after. Keeping yourself informed about such events isn’t even the best part of being a member. Sure, the events we list do cost money. But our members get in for FREE.

How this Works

A paid membership with Spondooly Seats keeps you in the know about venues or events that you might find interesting in your area. It also gives you access to these events on a “first come, first served” basis. This is because Spondooly Seats is an exclusive member of the Seat Filler Network. The network regulates over thirty markets across the nation.

From Comedy shows to Concerts and More

Spondooly Seats offers its members access to a slew of options from sporting events to concerts, live theatre performances and festivals to name a few. We offer entry in events in areas such as Las Vegas, New York and LA with more to come.

Why we Care

We believe that the only difference between some underpublicized shows and big budget events is a lack of marketing. A lot of low scale entertainment groups such as small theatre productions or concerts still have what it takes to blow your socks off. Unfortunately, the fact that they are so underpublicized is exactly why merrymakers, such as yourself often miss out on them.

To us at Spondooly Seats, publicizing these shows is its own reward. By giving members and their guests free tickets to these shows, we provide organizers the chance to fill their seats and in the process, spread the word about their particular events.

A Word to the Wise

We cannot guarantee to get you access to a particular event. If you absolutely HAVE to get seats to a popular concert or need someone to guarantee your reservation at a particular section, this membership is not for you.

However a membership at Spondooly Seats does offer one guarantee; free access to more than 200 events every year. Each year comes with a slew of new shows just waiting for you to attend.

Get your friends to join and go out for a night of fun every week or once a month. Complimentary tickets are always available to you when you need them. Now you won’t have to worry about having nothing to do on the weekends.